Our conviction is that all jewelry tells a story. Our ring collection ranges from different shapes and designs in red and white gold, with diamonds, pearls - black or white - to rings in plain silver or with different coloured gemstones.

Whether it's a gift for yourself, a friend or a lover, one thing is certain - once placed upon a finger, it's loaded with a meaning and a thought - the ring is, at this instant,
making a memory.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Gold n Silver Silver/gold White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Crown Wedding Ring 1.0 ct
Funky Bling Ring
USD 16500
Billion Stars Ring
USD 10600
Magic Star Ring - Smokey Quartz.
Heart To Heart Ring 0.50 ct
Rock Star Ring
USD 8600
Bend Over Ring - Aquamarine
Crown Wedding Ring 0.50 ct
Million Stars Ring
Little Magic Star Ring - Aquamarine
Bend Over Ring - Morganite
Big Stars & Signature Ring
Wedding & Stars Ring 0.40 ct
Dolce Vita Princess Ring 0.40 ct
Bend Over Ring - Onyx
Bend Over Ring - Green Quartz
Rock Queen Ring
USD 5200
Kaboom & Stars Ring
Thousand Stars Ring
Pencez De Moy Edge & Stars Ring
The Wedding Ring 0.40 ct.
Deco Wedding Ring
The Wedding Thin Ring 0.40 ct
Princess Wedding Ring 0.40 ct.
Wide & Stars Ring
Princess Wedding Thin Ring 0.40 ct
Dolce Vita Princess Ring 0.30 ct
Shape Of A Dream & Stars Ring.
Little Bend Over Ring - Aquamarine
Sweet Hearts Crown Ring 0.30 ct
Wide & Black Stars Ring
Little Bend Over Ring - Morganite
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