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Silver Earrings

Our collection of silver earrings include studs, long dangle earrings, hooks, creoles and small silver drops. If you order online, most of our silver earrings are available for immediate delivery.

  • Woman
  • Silver
  • diamonds Plain precious stones

Nature's Unique Earrings
Crystal Fall Earrings - Blue Lagoon.
Crystal Fall Earrings - Rosť Dream.
Swinging Love Beads - Topaz
Swinging Love Beads - Smokey Quartz.
Hooked On Simone Earrings
Garden Of Eden Earrings
Crystal Fall Earrings - Clear
Pretty In Blue Earrings.
Love Bead Grande Ear - Amethyst.
Love Bead Grande Ear - Topaz.
Reflections Earrings
Captured Harmony Earrings
Pop Earrings
USD 440
Crystal Drop Earrings
60's Pearl Earrings
Organic Earrings
Navette Earrings
Lovely Leaves Earrings
Magnolia Earrings
Little Hooked On Simone Earrings.
Rose Petal Fall Earrings.
Balls Long Earrings
Moonwalk Hoops
USD 320
A Clear Dream Ear
A Green Dream Ear
A Rose Dream Ear
Don't Judge Earrings.
A Purple Dream Ear
A Macaron Dream Ear
A Chocolate Dream Ear
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