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Gold bracelets

Elegant and timeless gold bracelets; thin gold links with semi-precious gemstones, stiff bangles with signature, chains with rings, details and diamonds or fine links with flowers and petals. A dedication to beautiful design, craftmanship and the highest of quality - experience Efva Attling's collection of bracelets in gold.

  • Unisex Woman
  • Gold White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Ring Chain & Stars Bracelet
Love Bead Bracelet
Starflower & Stars Bracelet
Love Knot & Stars Bracelet
Catch A Falling Star & Stars Bracelet
Bianca & Stars Bracelet - Black.
Mini Twosome & Stars Bracelet.
You & Me Bracelet
Starflower Bracelet
Mini Love Bracelet
Love Beads Flow Bracelet
Take No Shit
USD 1070
Love Knot Bracelet
Mini Pencez De Moy Bracelet.
With Love Bracelet
Mini Twosome Bracelet
Little Miss Butterfly Bracelet
Mini Me Hope Bracelet
Mini Me Sans Peur Bracelet
Mini Me You & Me Bracelet.
My Little Pearl Bracelet
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