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Bracelets for men

For the stylish man, we present the following selection of bracelets for men; silver and leather combined, for a rocky rebellious look. If you prefer a more classic approach, don't miss Efva's design cufflinks, in both silver and gold.

  • Man Unisex
  • Gold Silver Silver/Leather
  • Plain

Thin Silver Brace - Don't Judge
Chain Cuff (Define Normal).
Little Moonwalk Cuff
Hope Leather Bracelet.
Chain Chain Leather Bracelet.
Chain Chain Cuff
It's Only Love Bracelet
Roots Brace.
USD 210
Thin Silver Brace
Viking Cuff
USD 400
Take No Shit
USD 140
Take No Shit
USD 1070
Take No Shit Leather Bracelet
Roots Cuff.
USD 240
Spine Brace
USD 540
Signature Leather Bracelet
Rock My World Brace.
Mojo Brace
USD 600
Mojo Wide Brace
USD 1100
Little Carpe Diem Bracelet
Memento Leather Bracelet
Attling Leather Brace
Cross Bracelet
USD 290
Human Chain Brace.
Hope Bracelet.
USD 210
Carpe Diem Ball Chain Bracelet.
Carpe Diem Cuff.
Carpe Diem Leather Bracelet.
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