Efvas faith in the goodness of man is always present. Not only in her design, with messages
of life and love, but also in her continuous support to international help organizations.
​And for more than 10 years Efva Attling’s jewelry have been sold in favor of the swedish Red Cross.

”In 2002 I was asked by the Red Cross to do a piece of jewelry for them. That’s how we met, the Red Cross and I. Two years later when I was in Bangkok to buy precious stones, I started to get text messages from friends wondering if I was ok. I didn’t know that the tsunamin had hit Kaoh Lak by then.  Short after I found out that a close friend had lost her only son in the disaster. It was the first loss I heard of and many more were to follow. When I came back home I contacted the Red Cross, I just had to do something to help. I created an angel, a pendant in the shape of angels wings.

Angels raised 4 milj sek to the Red Cross' work for the victims from the tsunamin
and I still sell jewelry in favor of the red cross, both in Sweden and in the world.
There is a lot of power from just a small piece of jewelry.”

– Efva Attling