In The Press

Balls Necklace in JCK, November 2014.


Balls Necklace and Loop Necklace in Surface, November 2014.


Interview with Efva in Scan Magazine (UK), September 2014. Showing Balls Collection, Peace HarnessHomo Sapiens, Make Love Not War and Define Normal.


Balls Cuff in Glamour (US), November 2014.


Love Knot, Bend over Rocks and Crystal Fall in swedish Elle, November 2014.


Love Beads Grande in Plaza Kvinna, November 2014.


Interview with Efva, and the season news in brasilian Vouge, October 2014.


Balls Earcuff in chinese Harper's Bazaar, October 2014.


Balls Necklace and Loop Bracelet in Plaza Kvinna, October 2014.


Interview with Efva, and the season news in Plaza Kvinna, October 2014.


Balls Earcuff, Catch A Falling Star Earcuff and Human perfume in Damernas Värld, October 2014.


Balls Necklace in Stella, October 2014.


Hoops and Moonwalk Cuff in Femina, October 2014.


Viking Wide Ring and Miss Butterfly Headband in Elle, October 2014.


Balls Necklace in DV Mode, September 2014.


Mini Peace Bracelet in StyleBy, September 2014.


Soft Tear Necklace in the Oprah Magazine, September 2014.


Moonwalk Cuff in StyleMag, September 2014.


Human perfume in swedish magazine Älskade Östermalm, September 2014.


Human perfume in Femina, September 2014.


Take No Shit necklace in Elle, September 2014.


Balls Earcuff (release Fall 2014) in W Magazine, September 2014.


Balls Earcuff (release Fall 2014) in Harper's Bazaar, September 2014.


Day Pearl earrings and The Twist ring in W Magazine, August 2014.


Balls Necklace and Cuff in Gloria, August 2014.

Interview with Efva, and Take No Shit in Finansavisen, August 2014.


Maui Ring and Kaboom Earrings in Heaven Has Heals, August 2014.


Tears ring and Moonwalk cuff in ELLE (US), July 2014.


Balls Necklace (release Fall 2014) at the cover of Swedish Plaza Kvinna, July 2014.


Balls Earcuff (release Fall 2014) at the cover of Finnish Trendi, July 2014.


Catch A Falling Star Earcuff online at Harper's Bazaar, June 2014.


Loop Necklace for Couture Show featured online at WWD (Women's Wear Daily), May 2014.


Funky Bling ring and Define Normal online at Kenton Magazine (U.S.), Spring 2014.


Moonwalk Cuff in Nylon (U.S.), February 2014.


Catch A Falling Star Earcuff (released spring 2014) and Cross Ring in W Magazine (U.S.), February 2014.



Catch A Falling Star Earcuff (released spring 2014) in Harper's Bazaar (U.S.), February 2014.


21 Stars & Signature ring (released spring 2014) in the January issue of StyleBy.


Day Pearl & Stars earrings in Cosmopolitan (U.S.), January 2014.


Passion CuffsSweets for My Sweet and Peek-a-Boo in Spanish Harper's Bazaar, January 2014.


Love Beads Smokey ring in the Norwegian magazine Stella, January 2014.


The perfume Amor Vincit Omnia in the Swedish magazine Voyage, December 2013.


Katy Perry wearing Funky Bling Ring at the cover of Marie Claire (US), January 2014.


Bow Wow Wow ring featured online at WWD (Women's Wear Daily), December 2013.


Cufflinks Yes & No in King Magazine, December 2013.


Shape Of A Dream ring in W Magazine, December 2013.


Amor Vincit Omnia – Le Parfum in Harper's Bazaar, December 2013.


Amor Vincit Omnia – Le Parfum in Swedish Elle, December 2013.


Interview with Efva in DI (Swedish business-oriented daily newspaper), December 2013.

Swinging Love Beads & Stars earrings (release Spring 2014) in Rapaport, December 2013.


Sweets For My Sweets ring at, December 2013.


Interview with Efva and Amor Vincit Omnia – Le Parfum in Norwegian Elle, December 2013.


Passion Cuff and Bianca & Stars Bracelet in Norwegian Elle, December 2013.


Day Pearl earrings in Flare (US), December 2013.


Time Will Come watch and Amor Vincit Omnia – Le Parfum in Plaza Kvinna, December 2013.


Amor Vincit Omnia – Le Parfum in M Magasin, December 2013.


Sweet for my Sweets ring in Finnish Gloria, December 2013.


Crystal Fall earrings in Bridal Guide (US), January 2014.


Amor Vincit Omnia – Le Parfum and Astra Fall & Stars earrings in the Swedish magazine Allt om Bröllop, December 2013.


Ring Chain bracelet in  Marie Claire (US), November 2013.


Loop bracelet and Dancing Queen necklace on, November 2013.


Inteview and Bianca & Stars in Elle, November 2013.


Sleeping Beauty Hoops earrings in Elle, November 2013.


The perfume Amor Vincit Omnia in Swedish magazine NK Stil, Fall 2013.


Passion Cuff ring in Teen Vogue (US), November 2013.


Bianca & Stars Bracelet and Mini Peace Necklace in Stella, December 2013.


Mikael Persbrandt with Spine bracelet, Wild At Heart ring and rhe watch Michael in the magazine Situation Stockholm, November 2013.


The perfume Amor Vincit Omnia in Norwegian magazine KK, November 2013.


Now or Never ring in Metro Source Magazine (US), Fall 2013.


Cuff bracelet in Plaza Magazine, October 2013.


Mini Peace bracelet in Norwegian KK, November 2013.


Bow Wow Wow Belt (couture) and Rectangular cufflinks in The Knot (US), Winter 2013.


Sweets for My Sweets ring and Dancing Queen earrings in Norwegian Tara, November 2013.


Sweets for My Sweets ring, Moonwalk Wide Cuff and Peace Harness in Vanidades, November 2013.


Mini Pencez necklace in Norwegian Kamille, November 2013.


Memento Vivere scented candle in Norwegian ELLE Decoration, November 2013.


7 ½ ring, Bow Wow Wow cuff, Define Normal necklace and Miss Butterfly Heaven in Finnish Elle, November 2013.


Bow Wow Wow bracelet in Norwegian magazine Det Nye, November 2013.


Loopiloop earrings in Topphälsa, nr 11, 2013.


The perfume Amor Vincit Omnia in Damernas Värld, nr 14, 2013.


TwoSome ring, Mini Twosome & Stars necklace, Love Beads & Stars bracelet,  Day Pearl & Stars earrings and Bend Over collectionen in Bröllopsmagasinet, Fall 2013.


Yes & No cufflinks, Crystal Drop ear, Rock Star ring, Bow Wow Wow cuff, You & Me ring and Bend Over collectionen in Finnish magazine Häät Ja, Fall 2013.


TwoSome ring, Day Pearl & Stars earring, Love Beads & Stars bracelet and Mini Twosome & Stars in the Norwegian magazine Bryllups Magasin, Fall 2013.


Crystal Rain and High & I Love You in Bridal Guide (US), November 2013


The perfume Amor Vincit Omnia in Norwegian magazine Bo Bedre, November 2013.


Bend Over collectionen, Bricks and the watch George in Norwegian magazine Basic, Fall 2013.


Wild At Heart ring and Passion Cuff in HOPE ST magazines (UK), Fall 2013.


Astra Necklace in the Norwegian magazine Kamille, October 2013.


Limited Edition Necklace Thirteen is My Lucky Number featured at the JCK web, in October 2013.​


Dancing Queen Pendant in the Norwegian magazine Babydrøm, October 2013.


Ring Chain Watch in Finnish magazine Gloria, October 2013.


Miss Butterfly On Ear in Amelia, September 2013.


My First watch in Swedish magazine Plaza Kvinna, October 2013. 


Interview with Efva, in the October issue of Heaven Has Heels (US), 2013.


Funky Ring Bracelet in Swedish magazine Plaza Kvinna, October 2013. 


Bianca & Stars Bracelet in Town & Country Weddings (US), Fall issue 2013.


Lorde wearing Passion Cuff in Teen Vogue, October 2013.


Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is wearing Angels, at the baptism of Swedish Princess Estelle, 2013.



Vanessa Hudgens is wearing golden Ring Chain Ear in the October issue of Marie Claire, 2013.


The Gnu Necklace, Plectrum Sharkfin Necklace, Spine Necklace and Mojo Wide Brace is featured in a fashion report online at The Fashionisto, in September 2013.



Miss Butterfly for Ears and Me, Myself & I Necklace in Finnish Elle Magazine, August 2013.


Me Naiset

Color My World necklace in the Finnish magazine Me Naiset, August 2013.



The rings Braided and Wide&Chain featured in the September 2013 issue of both W magazine and W Trend (US).



Sweets For My Sweet ring featured at in WWD today (US), in August 2013.



Twist rings and Day Pearl earrings are in the September 2013 issue of Harper's Bazaar (US).



Soft Tear necklace featured in Marie Clarie, US, September 2013 issue.



Make Love Not War Ring in Finnish magazine Trendi, August 2013.



Human bracelet featured at the JCK web, in August 2013.​



Glasses and Onyx Stars for Ears in Z Lifestyle Magazine, 2013.​



Fashion report from Instinct magazine, US, August/September 2013.
Efva Attling necklaces, bracelet and ring.


Marie Claire

Wild at Heart Ring and Rock My World Ring featured in Marie Clarie, US, August 2013 issue.


Shape Magazine

Tears Ring featured in the July/August issue of Shape Magazine.


Bridal Guide

Empire State Ring featured in Bridal Guide, July/August 2013.


Ebony June 2013

Funky Chain Bracelet and Moonwalk Wide Cuff in Ebony Magazine, June 2013.


MJSA Journal

Miss Butterfly Heaven featured in MJSA Journal.


Basic SS13

Article featuring Efva and her watches and jewelry in Basic, Spring/Summer 2013.


Elle.Com, June 14, 2013

Little Golden Twist and Kärlek & Plain on Elle.Com, June 14, 2013.


Cosmopolitan US, July 2013

Star Stud Earrings in US Cosmopolitan, July 2013.


Style By - July 2013

Sneak peak of fall collection "Bianca & Stars" in the July 2013 issue of Style By magazine.


Plaza Kvinna - July 2013

Eden Pendant in the July 2013 issue of Swedish Plaza Kvinna.



Big Maui Earrings on the cover of Norwedigan Tara.


Flare July 2013

Actress Olivia Munn wearing the 7,5 ring in US Flare magazine, July 2013 issue.


Femina - Sverige, nr 6, 2013

Ring Chain Watch and Loop Brace in Swedish Femina, June 2013 issue.


ELLE Norway, May 2013

Make Love Not War Tags in Norwegian Elle Magazine, May 2013.


Style By, Nr 16

Soft Ring in Swedish Style By magazine, nr 16.


Plaza Kvinna, maj 2013

Time Will Come watch in May 2013 issue of Swedish Plaza Kvinna.


Gloria, April 2013

Swinging Love Beads and Define Normal Grande in Finnish Gloria, April 2013.


Z Lifestyle Magazine

The Gnu Necklace, Loop Watch and Freedom & Fortune in Z Lifestyle Magazine 2013.


Gloria, Dec 2012

Bend Over in Black in Finnish Gloria Magazine, December 2012.


Stella, nov 2012

Moonwalk Wide Cuff and Bend Over Rocks in Norwegian Stella, November 2012.


Plaza Kvinna, Aug 2012

Ring Chain Watch in Swedish Plaza Kvinna, August 2012 issue.


Femina, April 2012

Make Love Not War Tags, Magnolia for Ears and Magnolia Pendant in Swedish Femina, April 2012.


Plaza Kvinna - Mars 2012

Swedish supermodel Caroline Winberg, wearing couture piece Crystal Rain in Plaza Kvinna, March 2012, issue.


Femina, Mars 2012

Rose Petal Bracelet and Little Twist ring in Swedish Femina, March issue 2012.


Women's Wear Daily

Thin Earrings and couture piece Mine Rocks in Women's Wear Daily in April.



Mojo Bracelet in POSH magazine from Milan.



Butterfly Heaven, Butterfly Cuff and Garden of Eden Ear in the summer issue of US Prestige magazine.



Model wearing Wide & Signature, 4 1/2  and Soft Tear in the June edition of US Flare.



Moonwalk Wide Cuff in US magazine Rapaport, May 2013.


Model wearing "Rose Petals" necklace on the cover of the April issue of HENNE.


An interview with Efva wearing couture piece Blue Lagoon Necklace in MORE magazine.


Damernas Värld

Model wearing "Two of us" bracelet on the Damernas Värld website.


Flare Canada

Diane Kruger on the cover of the April issue of Canadian Flare, wearing Little Star Thin Ear.


Fashion Magazine - March 2013

Canadian Fashion Magazine features the Sweets for my Sweets ring in their March 2013 issue.


Harper's Bazaar Brazil, February 2013

Super model Cindy Crawford on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Brazil, February 2013, wearing Moonwalk Wide Cuff.


Plaza Kvinna, Januari 2013

Helena Mattson on the cover and in Plaza Kvinna, January 2013. On the cover wearing Magic Star Ring and inside wearing Passion Cuff Ring.

Elle Finland, February 2013

Elle Finland features the Sweets for my Sweets ring in their February 2013 issue.


Vogue Mexico

Couture piece Crystal Rain in Vogue Mexico, February 2013 edition.


New York Magazine

Couture piece Blue Lagoon Necklace in the January 28 issue of New York Magazine.


Chain Reaction Bracelet

Chain Reaction Bracelet on the cover of Plaza Kvinna, January 2013.


Alicia Vikander at Guldbaggegalan

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, from the Oscar nominated movie "A Royal Affair", attends the Swedish film awards "Guldbaggen" 2013, wearing Passion Cuff Ring and Bow Wow Wow cuff from Efva Attling.

Finnish magazine Oma Olivia with Passion Cuff Ring on the cover.


Sweets For My Sweets Ring featured at the WWD (Women's Wear Daily) web, in January 2013.


Mini Heart Pendant in silver

Efva Attling's Mini Heart Pendant featured in men's magazine Homme Essential, November / December issue of 2012.

SHM Bracelet

American ELLE is writing about Efva's collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, and the bracelet she made for the DJ trio.


Efva Attling jewelry online at Harper's Bazaar

Efva Attling jewelry available online at Shop Bazaar. Rings featured in this picture; Sans Peur, Amor Fati and Funky Bling.


Wedding rings online

Engagement ring from Efva Attling Stockholm, featured in American wedding magazine The Knot, November 2012.


Dancing Queen Ring

Dancing Queen Ring featured in Marie Claire, in November (Note; the ring in the bottom right corner has been inserted).


JCK cover


Efva Attling jewelry in American magazine JCK, November 2012. On the cover, Mother Earth Pendant, and inside the magazine, Hope Mine Rocks Ring - both couture jewelry.


Out 100

Efva recently featured as one of the 100 most compelling people of the year 2012, in American magazine Out.


Shape Magazine

Cindy Crawford wearing Loop and Twosome Bracelet in American magazine Shape, December 2012.



Fashion report from Instinct magazine, US. Efva Attling watches, rings and tie clip used.


Imagine Peace with YOKO

Efva & Yoko Ono's collaboration 'Imagine Peace' was highlighted by the American magazine Rapaports reporter, in the November issue, 2012.


Efva as 'retail profile'

Rapaport also wrote an article on Efva as the 'retail profile' in the same issue.


Norwegian TV host Line Verndal with Rose Petal Ear in Norwegian magazine Se&Hør, fall 2012.


Swedish actress Helena Bergström wearing Rose Petal Earrings and Single Rose Petal in the magazine Se&Hør, in 2012.


Norwegian weekly Se&Hør caught actress / TV host Line Verndal wearing popular Rose Petal Earrings at a launch event at Norways TV3. Line got a high score from the magazines 'style police', for her outfit this evening.

rock my world ring

Norwegian fashion entrepreneur Simon Staalnacke of Moods of Norway wearing Rock My World Ring during Fashion Week. Norwegian magazine Se&Hør documented this.


Style Mag - Norway

Efva Attlings Funky Paparazzi Ring in Norwegian fashion magazine Style Mag, fall 2012.


Damernas Värld

Swedish magazine Damernas Värld, October 2012: Cover model wearing a My First watch by Efva Attling.



Bridal Guide Oct 2012

The Bow Wow Wow Ring in American magazine Bridal Guide, in October 2012.


Make Love Not War Necklace featured in American magazine Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, fall / winter 2012.


Harper's Bazaar, October 2012

Funky Paparazzi, Funky Bling and Sans Peur Ring in Harpers Bazaar, October 2012.


Essence Magazine - August 2012

American magazine Essence (August 2012) featuring several pieces from Efva Attling Stockholm; Rock My World Ring, Human Ring, Loop Bracelet, Magnolia Pendant, Define Normal Pendant and Bend Over Rocks Necklace (couture).


Kelly Clarkson wears Kisses Earrings on the cover of Lucky magazine

Singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson wears Kisses Earrings on the cover of American Lucky Magazine, summer 2012.


Wedluxe magazine

Bend Over in Black Ring featured in Canadian magazine 'Wedluxe', summer / fall 2012.



Olympic design Diana Earrings featured in 'Women's Wear Daily', summer 2012.


Elle June 2012

Bend Over Rocks Earrings (couture) featured in American ELLE, June 2012.


People en Español

Carpe Diem Pendant i spanska tidningen People en Español, juni 2012.


Elin Kling

Blogger Elin Kling wearing Astra Star Necklace.

Alicia Vikander

Last years Best Actress winner, Alicia Vikander, at the 2012 Guldbagge Awards wearing Smokey Earrings and Soft Tear Necklace.

Plaza Kvinna - Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco on the cover of Plaza Kvinna wearing Chime Earrings and Funky Chain Bracelet.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg in Miss Butterfly earrings at The Labyrinth Theater Company’s 9th Annual Gala Benefit.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman wearing Rose Petal Earrings at the opening of the Efva Attling Store in New York and wearing the "Paparazzi" ring at the Vertu Global Launch Of The ‘Constellation’ .

Alt for damene

Vendela Kirsebom wearing Rose Petal Earrings on the cover of Norwegian "Alt for damene", October 2011.


Artist Petra "September" Marklund wearing Memento Vivere necklace, Holy Love necklace and Dots For Ears.

Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelina Jolie smiles widely when receiving a "Pencez Heart Locker" from Efva Attling. All of her children's names are engraved in the pendant.


One day a friend of Efva, Johan Renck (who produced Madonna’s video ‘Nothing Really Matters’), brought Madonna the "Human" ring and the "Homo Sapiens" dog tag necklace. Madonna chose to wear both of the jewellery pieces in the TV commercial for Max Factor Gold lipstick, and wears Efva’s jewellery both for private use and in public.

Meryl Streep

Actress Meryl Streep looking radiant on the red carpet in a pair of "Rose Petals" earrings from Efva Attling.


Supermodel Iman wearing "Genie" earrings from Efva Attling on a photo shoot for Versace.

Swedish football player Zlatan posing on the covers of Swedish Magazine Café. Zlatan is wearing a "Human Leather Cuff" bracelet from Efva Attling.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is looking cute in "Rose Petal Earrings".

Michael Persbrandt

Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt in a "Midi Cross" from Efva Attling. Persbrandt plays the leading role in the Oscar winning movie "In a better World". He has also been cast for a role in "The Hobbit".

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is the owner of "Snowflower" from Efva Attling.

Björn Ulveus

Björn Ulveus of ABBA in glasses from Efva Attling.

Damernas Värld

Efva Attling's design is featured on the cover of "Damernas Värld" in 2010. The model wears a "Garden of Eden" necklace.

Damernas Värld - Guldknappen

Efva Attling goes straight into Swedish Fashion history as the first winner of the Guldknappen 2010 Accessory Award by "Damernas Värld".


Efva Attling looking fabulous on the cover for Elle. She is wearing her design "Peace Harness".