A word from Efva

OCTOBER 2012    

I am in Paris for the Silmo eyewear exhibition. Passing the legendary Café Ladurée, I stop and smile at a fantastic window display full of pink macarons by Lanvin. That’s a surprising collaboration!

Me myself, I stick to collaborations with musicians this fall, although my father was a pastry chef.  So, I’ve got two great collaborations. I’ll tell you about the first one, with Yoko Ono - an intelligent, always exciting, humoristic and multitalented artist. I can really relate to the way she plays with words. When I made my Imagine Peace collection, my dream was to show this to Yoko Ono. One day, by coincidence, I saw her in a restaurant in New York. I took a deep breath and nervously went up to her. I told her I wanted to show her something. She was very friendly. Her curator, who was with her at the time, gave me his card and the following week I sent them the two pieces of jewelry. Only a little while later, I received an email from Yokos lawyer, saying that Yoko had approved of my Imagine Peace design. It was a happy day. Together we decided that 30% of the proceeds would go to the organization Doctors Without Borders. We also decided to hold a silent auction with a special Imagine Peace pendant in white gold and with diamonds. We have another thing in common, Yoko and I, we are born on the same date, the 18th of February :)

For the other collaboration coming before Christmas, you will have to wait a little ;)

Apart from this, nothing special is happening… just kidding! :)

I’ve got a new CEO, Annika Rost, on board and together we are planning an exciting future for Efva Attling Stockholm.

My New York flagship store is celebrating 1 year, the store in Oslo 1 year, Gothenburg 5 years - and on the 19th of October I am opening my first store in Malmoe. I have been waiting to find the right location for years. And finally we found the perfect spot in the heart of the city. This feels great. Hello Malmoe!

A few words about my new collection this fall…

Passion Cuff and Passion Cuff Ring are definitely favorites of mine. Two bangles or rings connected with a chain. Edgy and sexy.

Define Normal is the expression that I find most intriguing. Because - who can? The words are hidden behind the rock crystal in the pendant with the name Define Normal.

Music, music, always music. I named a whole collection Dancing Queen because of the swaying earrings, necklaces and ring made in silver and black onyx.

For many years I wanted to create a piece for us who have lost someone, or who misses someone. Finally I broke the code, and the inspiration of the jewelry Miss You is two hands held together in the Asian way - to give the person you miss a moment in contemplation. There is also space on the back, to engrave a name.

And for the guys who want to own and wear a diamond, but only want to show it when they choose to. The Peek-a-Boo collection with a ring and a bracelet with a sliding ‘window’ over the diamond.

The cufflinks YES&NO is to show the world whether you like or dislike something.

At last, my great cocktail rings Sweets for my Sweets with different cabochon semi-precious gemstones. Choose the colors that attract you. Please enjoy!

Love, peace & understanding,


Efva Attling

Miss You



After thirteen years as a jewelry designer I now feel like I'm starting over in many ways. I´ve opened my first store in New York City, this is a dream come true. I really have to pinch my arm. The "boutique" is located in the Meatpacking district and it was the first space I looked at when I went around New York to find the perfect location. I really fell in love with a safe that's been in the space since the district bloomed in the late 1800's. The Russian man who reset the safe's code said it was "like an old lady to open, you have to lure it firmly". I say, if only it could tell stories!

Yes, it feels like starting over! People ask me - who are you? What is this brand? This is a challenge, to renew myself, my ideas and my thoughts. I always say that my biggest and greatest inspiration is meeting and connecting with people. To hear and to share life experiences. Life has so many surprises and it beats any fictional story. Now that I divide my time between two continents I get to capture all of this.


There has been a change in Stockholm as well. After five years at Birger Jarlsgatan we have moved to a fantastic spot, a real fancy shopping mecca at Biblioteksgatan. Oh, I've spent both time and money there over the years. There used to be a fantastic night club on this street called "Alexandra" in the 70's and 80's where I danced with both David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and Anni-Frid from Abba!


This store is my flagship in Stockholm. I've been involved in every detail building it, as I always am, and I am very proud of it. As usual I couldn't have done it without my incredible team.


New designs to come this fall

The Love Beads collection consists of rings in 18k gold with beautiful semi-precious stones like Amethyst, Smokey quartz or blue Topaz, wear one or many! Love Beads Grande, this is new to me in my jewelry world, 'Ive never designed pieces with coloured stones set in silver before! The Prisma Hope necklace has an illusion feeling to it, in some angles you see the word HOPE and in some angles it disappears, a favourite of mine.

And at last but not the least, I am so proud of my new website. We have tried to allow you closer to my jewelry pieces online. You can get a feel for the size when you see the pieces on a model for example. For those of you who don´t live nearby a retailer of mine this should be a much easier way for you to shop. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Love, Peace and Understanding


Efva Attling

Love Beads



After the longest winter ever we can finally hope for the light and summer to come.  

When I was in Moscow in March attending an eyewear exhibition, I thought I'd freeze to death. Walking over the Red Square, the cold and the wind sent an alarm through my whole body. No wonder vodka is big in Russia. Soon after, I was in a TV studio outside Helsinki with no heat and outside it was minus 20 degrees Celsius. I was a guest judge on Finnish Project Runway (Muodin huiput). The one thing that kept my spirit up was that I knew I was going to Singapore to open a shop-in-shop at Style Nordic. Finally there was sun just to get warmed up for a couple of days to stand the Swedish winter again.  

By the way Singapore was the cleanest city I've ever been too. They don't sell chewing gum but if you happen to have one and spit it out in the street there is a fine. In the subway people are so disciplined. Everybody stands in a neat line to wait for the other people to get off at the station. Respect! 

On April 14th, the Royal Patriotic Society honored me with a medal for my entrepreneurship, which was handed out by H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. I had such a great time with the Prince at Riddarhuset in Stockholm and we had a lot of laughs at dinner. And as an extra bonus, the medal is in 18k gold! 

This spring I let my Butterflies fly free. One of the first songs I wrote was "Miss Butterfly", the lyrics was about not holding on to love too hard cause it will suffocate. Just as if you would hold a butterfly too hard it would die. What is special in this collection is the brooch, it is back in fashion and it's another beautiful way to wear jewellery. 

In my new eyewear collection I wear "Kitten" and I get a lot of compliments for them. Inspired by, yes, "Mad Men", of course. I made a little film about me making eyewear to be shown at the Swedish Synsam stores, look out. 

I have been hanging out in New York a lot lately. Why? Because I am realizing a big dream of mine. I am going to have my own store in the Big Apple. Yes, we've found the space and it's going to be located in the Meatpacking area. Isn't that cool? Just to keep you curious I will not tell where yet! To be continued…

Love, Peace and Understanding

  Efva Attling


I am happy to tell you that during an interview for the movie "The Tourist" Angelina Jolie got our new necklace, Pencez Heart Locker, from a friend of mine. It is a locker where a heart is hidden. On this piece Angelinas childrens names are engraved on the hidden heart.

The new necklace, Pencez Heart Locker, has the message Pencez de moy, "think of me" in 14th century French. It is a locker where a heart is hidden. You can choose your very own engraving and keep it secret, close to your heart. Now in stores and online.

In just a few weeks there are more news to come…some butterflies, so stay tuned!

Love, Peace and Understanding

  Angelina Jolie

GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011!    

We started year 2010 by making a film "in real time". Our film is about the making of a piece of jewellery. It starts with an original idea and shape and then takes us through the strange process of completing a design. The film is called "Beauty with a thought" and you can watch it here on our website. The film shoot started in Cuba and ended nine months later in Stockholm with a fantastic grand opening at Astoria.

From glory to reality.

Last year I had an accident, broke seven ribs and tore off two muscles in my right arm. While in hospital, I discovered how precious life is. This insight also became the essence of the star of our film, a new piece of jewellery I created called "Memento Vivere" – Remember to live. I was treated so well by my fantastic nurses and I felt filled with gratefulness when I saw some of them wearing my jewellery. They really are the unpaid angels of our society.

I also received the finest design prize in Sweden, Guldknappen, by Damernas Värld. Just four days after my accident and pumped up with painkillers, I was led onto stage by my youngest son, Simon. I think it is smart to have a goal and aiming to get myself out of the hospital really did help me heal. "Always look at the bright side of life", as Monty Python once sang.

Last november I was asked to participate in SAS's "Love is in the Air" project. It was a great, creative and modern initiative of SAS to wed two gay couples in the air with a big party in New York on the 6th of December. At the same time we launched homosapiens.nu, a new website with a great film by Dorian Communication, starring the fantastic looking model Marcus. Check it out. Homo Sapiens was one of my first pieces of jewellery and its message is still so important-- that we, all human beings, are equal.

I have a crush on Mad Men, the American Tv-series about the advertisers of Madison Avenue in New York in the 60's. When I was in NYC in December, I bumped into the redheaded star "Joan", or Christina Hendricks as she is called in real life. I gave her a Homo Sapiens necklace and she told me that she was part Swedish but had never visited Sweden. I told her I would show her around Stockholm if she ever made it over. Well folks, New York is on my mind, so let's see what this year brings. Stay tuned for more news.

Love, Peace and Understanding